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Welcome to Heavenly Honey Apiary

. . . we take the sting so you don't have to

This apiary is owned and operated by Scott and Valarie Wilson. In the beekeeping world we are known as sideliners. What started as a hobby has now grown into a small Vermont honey business.

If by chance you have stumbled upon our website, we welcome you. We update our site periodically, so please check back from time to time. We keep our friends updated through our Facebook page. Please give us a "Like" and walk this journey with us.

As backyard beekeepers we are guilty of becoming robbers—thieves that is of the sweet-golden liquid that we call Heavenly Honey! We're in good company. Honey thieves date back to biblical times:

"Now there was honey comb in the countryside; Johnathan stretched out the stick that was in his hand, dipped the end of it in the honeycomb, put it in his mouth, and was refreshed."
I Samuel 14:25-27


With great zeal, we delved into this adventure as a mid-life hobby during 2007, starting with one colony of packaged bees. However, we have been told that we can no longer call ourselves "hobby" beekeepers. Our official status is that of part-time beekeepers, per Dr. Medhat Nasr, as he stated this during his talk at the Vermont Beekeepers Association meeting a few years back..

Valarie Wilson's Honeybee Haiku

2015 we enter our ninth season of beekeeping.We expect to set up the honey extraction room late June (if Spring has been good and nectar flow abundant). View our honey extraction services to see how we can help you.

A big thank you to all that brought your harvest to us for extraction last year. We spun out hundreds of frames for excited beekeepers; we hope that you enjoyed the fruits of your bees hard work.

Regardless of the stings, and the volatile nature of this avocation, we enjoy our honeybees and look forward to this next season!

Thank you for stopping by,

Scott and Valarie


Swarm Capture 2011

<a href="http://www.linkedtube.com/m97ZfqG5nuY0edf9bdf7cd6b879833e1da7cc141c97.htm">LinkedTube</a>

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Heavenly Honey

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We can ship Vermont honey anywhere in the contiguous U.S. Our raw honey is unheated and unfiltered. For more information view here or please send us an email with your quantity request and location.

Local beekeepers supplying local restaurants, such as Good Times Cafe in Hinesburg and The Spot in Burlington. We enjoy partnering with Vermont chefs/restuarants that believe serving local fresh foods is worth the extra effort. Thanks for your support!

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 Scott is a Certified Beekeeper
through the Vermont Beekeepers Association and serves on the board of directors as their Vice President.

Two colonies of honeybees  in the snow at Heavenly Honey Apiary






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